Work Area Lights

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Work Area Lights
Work Area Lights

Work area lights are commonly used when working on vehicles,and illuminate the small spaces being worked on. These lights come in many shapes and sizes depending on what they are made to light up. Most work area lights that are designed for vehicles will be long and have a hook at the end of it. This hook allows the light to be hung over the work surface so that a second person isn’t needed to hold the light while the part is being worked on. Since work lights are often thrown around and handled roughly, they will usually have an outer shell that is extra thick or a cage which surrounds the light to protect it from damage. These lights are available in a variety of different lighting options but most will use a standard 40 or 60 watt bulb or LED lights. Bulbs were most common in older style work lights but LED are what most modern lights now use because they last longer and are less prone to being damaged. Most work area lights are ran off a power cord which connects to an outlet but some lights will run off batteries so that they can be more mobile.

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