Wiper Blades

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Wiper Blades
Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are used to clean, or wipe debris off the windshield, of a vehicle. Wiper blades are a basic design, and consist of a frame with a rubber blade, which runs the length of the frame. As the arm moves the rubber blade across the windshield, it creates a smooth grip on the windshield, therefore, having the ability to clean the window. There are many designs, and sizes of wiper blades. For example, large vehicles have larger wiper blades than small vehicles. The motion of the blades vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some wiper blades move side to side, while others operate, by moving at 180 degree angle before they cycle back. Most late model vehicles use wiper blades which rotate at an angle, because they lay flat at the bottom of the windshield, allowing the driver to see around them. Most vehicles have two wiper blades, however, several car manufacturers build their vehicles to operate with one blade.

Most wiper blades are typically made from natural rubber, which allows the window to be cleaned, without streaking. However, rubber dries out, or cracks when exposed to long periods of sun and the elements. To remedy this, synthetic rubber is becoming more popular with car manufacturers, due to its ability to withstand the elements better. It is recommended to replace windshield wipers every six months to one year, depending on the material they are made from, and the conditions the vehicle is exposed to. Wiper blade replacement is simple, and convenient, and does not need to be done by a professional.

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