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Automotive Windshield Cover
Automotive Windshield Cover

A windshield cover is a large pad, which covers a vehicles entire windshield,in order to prevent ice and snow, from piling up on it. This cover replaces scraping ice or snow from the windshield. This cover also helps protect a car from UV rays, which can crack and discolor the dash, if unprotected. Windshield covers are typically secured to the vehicle using straps or magnets, which keep the cover from blowing away in gusty winds. Getting a windshield cover also protects your windshield from damage from long periods of cold or ice.

These covers are typically made with strong materials such as vinyl, which insulates and helps prevent snow from collecting on the cover. After pulling off the windshield cover, the wiper blades won’t have anything stuck to the windshield that can damage them. Windshield covers can easily be rolled up after use, and stored in the trunk for future use.

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