Wheels- Body Truck

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Wheels- Body Truck
Wheels- Body Truck

Truck wheels are used in heavy duty vehicles that are subjected to rough terrain and large, heavy loads. To accommodate these heavy loads and rough conditions, the wheels are larger and thicker than conventional car wheels. The material used to make these wheels is usually alloy or steel. The advantage of alloy over steel is that it is lighter and more resistant to corrosion. Reduced weight is beneficial for trucks that travel long distances. The lighter the load, the less fuel consumption. Steel is also commonly used to make these wheels, and is more cost effective than alloy. Many trucks are not made for their "appearance", so their wheels do not typically have cutout patterns and spokes, which may weaken the wheel, and may make the wheel prone to cracks over time. If one wanted to enhance the appearance of the truck's wheels, chrome wheels and custom wheel caps may be added to the wheel.

The average truck wheel ranges from 18” to 28”. The size of the wheel needed depends on the size of the truck and what the truck is used for. The width of the truck wheel also varies in size and depends on the size of the truck and what the truck is used for. For example, an off-road truck will have wider wheels in order to retain traction while off road, while a truck that is used for highway driving will have thinner wheels which enhances fuel consumption. It is important to consider the bolt pattern when purchasing wheels for a truck; the bolt pattern can vary greatly. Some trucks may have 5 bolts like cars, while others may incorporate a 16 bolt pattern. Wheels with many bolts are typically for large, heavy trucks which put excessive tension on the truck's wheels due to acceleration, slowing, and stopping.

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