Wheels- Body Car

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Wheels- Body Car
Wheels- Body Car

A car's wheels are a very important component on the vehicle. The car's wheels ensure a smooth ride and provide a customized "look". There are many types and sizes of car wheels, and many materials to choose from. The most common materials used in wheel manufacturing are alloy, steel, and other types of aluminum. Alloy wheels are typically used for high performance vehicles and cars where a sleek "look" must be maintained. Wheel covers which are made with alloy or another type of aluminum are typically not found in instances where the car's wheel is sporty "looking". Steel wheels are most common on cars that use wheel covers, due to the fact that the steel is typically not shaped for "style", and the surface is often rough and unfinished. The finishes used on these wheels may vary from what is called "no finish" to a painted or chrome finish which provides additional styling. The type of material used in making car wheels also plays a key role in how the car handles. Alloy and aluminum wheels are lighter than steel wheels, which improves handling. Handling is improved by reducing unsprung mass, which allows the suspension to follow the terrain more closely which improves traction. Lighter wheels are desirable on smaller vehicles due to the fact that they greatly reduce fuel consumption.

The size of most wheels used for cars ranges from 15” – 22”. The size of the wheel depends on the vehicles size, and the personal preference of the purchaser. When changing the car's wheel size from one size to another, adjustments to other components is required. The speedometer will need to be adjusted. The revolutions per minute of a larger wheel will not be the same as that of a smaller wheel, therefore making the adjustment to the speedometer necessary.

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