Wheel Spacers

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Wheel Spacers
Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are used in order to make the wheel base wider. A wider wheel base gives the vehicle more stability while cornering, or traveling over rough terrain. Off road and high performance vehicles typically use wheel spacers in order to make the vehicle's wheels stick out further. Wheel spacers may also be added to account for clearance issues due to the installation of larger wheels or when adjusting the vehicle's suspension. Many people believe that a wider wheel base enhances the vehicle's appearance.

The wheel spacer is a circular piece of metal that is the same size as the hub in which it is secured on to. The thickness of the spacer varies depending on the preference of the purchaser. It is imperative that there is enough thread on the wheel studs in order to ensure that the lug nuts can be tightened properly. In an instance where there is not enough thread, longer studs can be purchased and fitted to the vehicle. Wheel spacers are vehicle specific. If universal wheel spacers are used, wheel vibrations may occur which can be dangerous and may degrade the vehicle's performance. The material used to make wheel spacers is aluminum or steel. Wheel spacers withstand a great deal of compression and tension, which makes steel or aluminum the appropriate material used in the manufacturing of wheel spacers.

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