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Wheel Covers
Wheel Covers

Wheel covers are an aftermarket accessory which are used to enhance the "look" of the factory wheel. Wheel covers are used on wheels that are made out of stamped steel. Stamped steel is left unfinished which can be unattractive to the purchaser. Alloy wheels are typically purchased for their attractiveness, style, and finish. Alloy wheels have wheel caps also, however, the cap is much smaller and is used only in the center to cover the appearance of the lug nuts.

There are many different styles of wheel covers which can be easily installed. Factory installed wheel covers are typically a simple style, and are designed to look like a more expensive and stylish alloy wheel. Wheel covers are typically made from plastic or metal. Metal was the first kind of wheel cap to be used, however it has been found to be heavy and due to its weight, has often fallen off while driving. Newer vehicles incorporate plastic wheel covers which are typically a better fit for the wheel. Plastic wheel covers are not immune from falling off, however it is less often. Wheel covers are attached to the wheel with the use of clamps or by putting the cover on under the lug nuts. Having the wheel cover under the lug nuts is the preferred method for new vehicles.

The main advantage of using wheel covers are their cost effectiveness versus an alloy or chrome rim. Wheel covers are easily replaced in the event of one falling off, or becoming scratched. Wheel covers can be easily purchased and installed. Wheel covers come in many designs and are an inexpensive, simple way to improve the attractiveness of any vehicle.

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