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Company Overview

Voodoo Ride is a vehicle appearance and lifestyle products company, co‐founded by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in 2007. Voodoo Ride was developed as premium line of automotive surface care products that look and perform differently than anything else on the market. To meet and exceed the expectations of the most discriminating auto enthusiasts...including Dale Jr., Voodoo Ride uses the latest technology, highest grade materials, and the most sophisticated manufacturing process available in all our products.

Our Mission

No matter what your grandpa told you, it takes a whole lot more than love and elbow grease to get your car clean. Quality car care is all about technology--geeky scientists in lab coats creating special polymers and patented chemistry. Voodoo Ride is the next generation of car care products developed with help from Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to get your car cleaner than you ever thought possible. Top to bottom, inside and out, from the tires to the dash, your car will never look better when you use Voodoo Ride products.

We formulate our products with the finest, cosmetic-grade ingredients using the latest technology so you achieve superior results in less time, with less effort while spending less money. Our products are engineered for multi-surface application and functionality. Voodoo Ride products are located at hundreds of independent auto part retailers, and growing every day in large domestic and international chain retailers.

Our Products

Contact Us

1341 W.Fullerton Avenue
Suite 255
Chicago, IL 60614

(877) 944-0465



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