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Automotive Voltage Regulator
Automotive Voltage Regulator

Voltage regulators are used in cars to ensure that there is the correct amount of power necessary, in order to operate its electrical components. The voltage regulator in cars work closely with the battery and the alternator. The alternator produces power, which is then regulated and sent to the battery for storage.

As the car's engine runs, it turns a pulley, which is connected to the alternator. This pulley is connected to the rotor, which spins around a wire coil, with an iron core. This process produces a magnetic field in the rotor, which creates an electrical current, in the coil of wire. This electric current, which is created in the alternator is alternating current, which the battery can not use. To convert this alternating current into direct current, which the battery uses, the alternating current is sent through a set of diodes, which prevent the current from flowing in multiple directions. With the current now flowing in one direction, it is now considered direct current, which can be transferred to the battery.

It is important that the battery receives the correct amount of voltage. If the battery receives an improper amount of voltage, it can be damaged or even ruin the other electric components, connected in the car. To ensure appropriate levels of voltage are making it to the battery, a voltage regulator is placed between the alternator, and the battery. Without a voltage regulator, a car traveling at high speeds produces excessive amounts of voltage output. A car moving at slower speeds will not produce enough voltage output to maintain the batteries' charge. This is why having a voltage regulator that can determine whether the battery needs a lot of current, or just a little, is essential.

There are two different types of voltage regulators that can be in a car. The first is the grounded voltage regulator. This works by regulating the amount of negative ground that goes into the rotor. The second type, is the grounded field voltage regulator and this method controls the amount of positive ground, that goes into the rotor. Both these methods either increase or decrease the amount of current provided to the battery, which keeps the amount of current flowing at a safe level.

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