Vehicle Wiring Harness

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Automotive Wiring Harness
Automotive Wiring Harness

A wire harness is a string of cables, which transmit information signals or electrical energy ,from one device to another. These cables on the wiring harness are usually bound together using cable ties, electrical tape, sleeves, or clamps. Having a wiring harness in your automobile has many advantages over having loose wires. Using a wiring harness will better secure the wires against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions, and moisture. By binding these wires into a non-flexing bundle, the usage of space were the wires run is optimized, and the risk of a short is greatly decreased. Having all the wires you need in a harness will also decrease installation time since you don’t have to connect every individual wire. Wiring harnesses also help standardize the installation of these wires making it easier for the average person to install it.

Wiring harnesses are designed based on the geometric and electrical needs to which they have to meet. For example, a car with a lot of electronics inside will require a larger wiring harness to accommodate for all the extra accessories and power needed. Wiring harnesses are designed to connect and power things such as the headlights, windows, blinkers, brake lights, and any other electrical accessories that can be used on a car. Wiring harnesses are normally made up of color coded wires, terminals, and connector housings. The use of wiring harnesses has made working on electrical components in your car less difficult and confusing.

Wiring harnesses come in many different sizes which make them difficult to be automated. Since the applications of the wiring harness may vary, there is no one size fits all when it comes to your vehicle. Wiring harnesses are usually designed based on the size of the vehicle and the power that it will consume. The number of variations in which these harnesses come in has been decreasing over the years due to the use of data bus technology. This technology helps the components in your vehicle communicate more efficiently which allows wiring harnesses to be more standardized.

All cars that come with a stereo system and speakers will also come with a wiring harness which is specifically made for the stereo. This harness includes connections to the antenna, speakers, power, and other components of the stereo system. Wiring harnesses are used in car stereos to help make the installation of a new stereo or speakers easier. Harnesses are also used when changing a stereo to accommodate a different connector housing. Doing this will prevent the need to wire each specific cable together individually which is something that may intimidate the average person who does not know much about their cars electrical system.

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