Vehicle Window Regulators

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Window Regulators
Window Regulators

Window regulators are components, which allow the window to be raised, or lowered automatically, or manually, in a vehicle. Each of the side windows in a vehicle has a window regulator, if the window has the ability to be moved in an up, or down, motion. Window regulators will most likely to need to be replaced during the life of the vehicle.

A window regulator operates by transferring the motor, or handle's rotary movement, into vertical and linear motions, which the window uses in order to operate. When the motor spins, or the handle cranks, a set of gears called the spur gears, and single worm,begin to spin, which is what transfers the torque, and allows the window to open or close. As the window closes, the gears build up tension, which tightens and locks the window in place, which provides protection against someone being on the outside of the vehicle's window, and pushing it down. Manual windows, and automatic window's, gears operate the windows in the same fashion.

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