Vehicle Window & Door Knobs

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Window & Door Knobs
Window & Door Knobs

Window and door knobs, are components in a vehicle, which control the opening, and closing, of both the window, and the door. Window knobs are used on vehicles, which have a manual window system. Window knobs are used to open the window,and are typically metal or hard plastic,and match the vehicle's interior. When the knob is manually cranked, rotary motion is converted into linear motion, which allows the window to be opened or closed.

A vehicle's door knob is located near the window knob, however it has a different function. The door knob or handle connects to the door's locking mechanism,and allows the vehicle's door to be opened from the inside of the vehicle. This handle is made from either plastic or metal depending on the interior of the vehicle, and the vehicle's manufacturer. These handles and knobs are easy, and convenient to replace when desired, however some of the door paneling may need to be removed for installation.

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