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Wheelie Bars
Wheelie Bars

Wheelie bars are used on high performance drag vehicles, in order to keep the front end low to the ground during the enormous amount of power and pressure being put on the vehicle by the rear wheels. The wheelie bar keeps the drag vehicle from becoming "air born". As speeds increase, the wheelie bar helps steer the vehicle. There are two types of wheelie bars, they are sprung and unsprung. The upper tubes in a sprung wheelie bar acts as a dampener, as the car comes up on the bars. Sprung bars are typically used on high performance cars that use small tires. The unsprung bar is used on extremely high performance cars. High performance cars which use large tires are able to use the unsprung bar, due to the vehicle's tire size, energy created when the bars touch the ground is absorbed.

There are many sizes of wheelie bars available to fit a variety of cars. Steering and suspension can be affected if the proper size wheelie bar is not used. Two sizes of wheelie bars include the 50” bar and 84” bar. The 50” bar is used on drag cars, that are in the 9.00 to 11.00 ET bracket range. The 84” bars are used on cars , that are in a bracket, which is faster than 9.00. Enthusiasts whose car is in between the two classes may use the 84” bar and modify it by making it shorter.

It is imperative that the installation of wheelie bars is precise. Lack of precision could force the weight of the car to one side, causing the car to turn. Installation also requires many pieces of the bar be welded in to place. Welding is necessary due to the amount of force placed on the bar while during the vehicle's launch.

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