Vehicle Weight Distributing System/Kits

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Weight Distributing System/Kits
Weight Distributing System/Kits

Weight distribution is large part of towing. Failure to displace weight properly can cause swaying, which can in turn cause the trailer or the vehicle to lose control. The purpose of weight distribution systems are to prevent sway, and level the trailer with the chassis of the vehicle. The weight distribution system is located at the front of the trailer where the hitch and trailer meet. This area is essential because it controls the tongue weight and overall distribution of weight on either side of the trailers axle. For example, if the front of the trailer is sagging down, more weight than normal could be pushed on to the tongue and hitch. When buying a weight distribution system, the amount of weight being towed, and the height of the vehicle's suspension that will be receiving the weight's pressure should be considered. To ensure that the right system is purchased, use a system that is rated properly regarding one's vehicle's towing capacity and trailer capacity.

There are two main types of weight distribution systems. The first of these, is the round bar spring system, which is used for proper clearance. The other main system uses trunnion bars which are effective and increase the trailers overall weight rating. There is no "best" system to use, due to each vehicle and trailer having different reactions. With both of these systems, the bars run from the hitch assembly to a set of chains that hang on the trailers frame. As the tongue weight pushes the bars down, the chains pull the bars up. In order to straighten out, to their natural positions, the spring bars push up on the head assembly; distributing the weight among the axles. The use of a weight distribution system works very effectively in order to stabilize the vehicle when on the road at high speeds or when making sharp turns that may upset the balance.

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