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Interior Sun Visors
Interior Sun Visors

Sun visors are a component on a vehicle,which shields the passenger's from the glare of the sun, and are located directly above the windshield,on either side of the rear view mirror. Most sun visors have the ability to be turned to the side,offering the passenger's protection from the sun's glare,and allowing the driver to see the road clearly,when the sun's glare is coming in through the side window. Sun visors offer protection from the sun,and can be fitted with an organizer,which can be attached to the visor, allowing the driver to reach small,lightweight items such as, CD’s, paper, pens,etc. Mirrors, lights, CD cases, and even LCD screens in some luxury vehicles,can also be installed in to the sun visor. Some trucks and SUV’s can be fitted with an external sun visor which spans the width of the vehicle. This type of sun visor is installed flat, with the roof, and at the top of the windshield,in order to produce the same results as a internal sun visor. The external visor can be painted to match the external components on the vehicle. The installation of an external sun visor is convenient,and is attached to factory installed pre-drilled holes.

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