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Under Car Lights
Under Car Lights

Under car lights are used on the undercarriage of a vehicle, in order to improve the vehicle's appearance, at night. These lights come in many shapes and sizes as well as different types of light bulbs. The most popular of these lights are neon and LED because they are long lasting, durable, and extremely bright. These lights are securely mounted to the underside of the car with brackets or zip ties so that they can be removed or replaced down the road. These lights come in a variety of different lengths so that a uniform pattern can be created underneath the vehicle. This is important because if too many are put on one side, the light expelled can be uneven which would look hideous. For this reason, most under car lights will come in kits that provide the exact amount of lights needed to completely cover the ground under and around the vehicle. Some under car lights will come in large strands that can bend and change shape which makes installing them much easier. Once the lights are all set up, they are wired together into the vehicles electrical system so that the driver of the vehicle can control whether to turn them on or off.

Over the years, under car lights have seen allot of scrutiny from the public and police due to their extreme brightness. One of the main complaints was that the bright lights were distracting other drivers which were then causing a danger to other motorists on the road. The other complaint was that the under car lights resembled police lights which was causing drivers to take aggressive action to get out of their way. To combat this, many states have made it illegal for certain color lights to be used under the vehicle. The lights that are typically considered to be illegal are red and blue since those are the colors which are used on almost all emergency vehicles throughout the country.

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