Vehicle Tubular Side Bar Steps

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Tubular Side Bar Steps
Tubular Side Bar Steps

Tubular side bars are an accessory that can be added to your truck or SUV to make getting in and out of these large vehicles easier. This type of step is a combination of both the molded side step and nerf bar which enables the bar to provide the utmost amount of performance possible. The tubular side step is made using a tubular design but it does not fit flush on the vehicle like molded steps do. This tubular bar is usually flat on the top which means that it has more surface area for your shoes to grip.

Tubular side bars are made out of steel or aluminum which has a wide variety of finishes that can be applied to it. Some of the more popular finishes include chrome, powder coating, and a polished finish for stainless steel. Having such a wide variety of metal finishes available enables you to pick one out that fits the purpose and look of your vehicle perfectly. Tubular side bars are installed on the vehicle with brackets which are bolted to the frame. Most of these brackets are custom fit for each individual vehicle which means that drilling and welding usually does not have to be done. Some universal tubular side bars may require drilling because the parts are often made to work on numerous vehicles.

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