Vehicle Tubular Bumpers

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Tubular Bumpers
Tubular Bumpers

Tubular bumpers are an aftermarket component, used in many large vehicles in order to replace the vehicle's original bumper. These bumpers are different from an ordinary bumpers, because they are built around strength and longevity rather than just safety. Because of this, tubular bumpers are most commonly used on all terrain vehicles, that are subjected to rough conditions. Tubular bumpers are better in rough conditions, because they provide better protection for the components on the grille and hood. The tubular design of this kind of bumper, also allows aftermarket accessories to be mounted in place easier. Some popular accessories that can be mounted on a tubular bumper are a winch, lights, and even a hitch on the rear bumper.

The material used to make tubular bumpers is usually steel that is powder coated or plated with chrome. Using a high grade metal is important because a tubular bumper still has to provide the same safety measures that a standard bumper would, in the event of a collision. The design of a tubular bumper can vary greatly depending on what type of vehicle it is being installed on, and what type of conditions that the vehicle will be operating in. Vehicles used for daily driving as well as off-roading, will likely use a smaller and more concealed tubular bumper, than a vehicle which is purposely built only for off road use.

Installation of a tubular bumper is a fairly straight forward and simple process. Almost all tubular bumpers will use the same bumper mounts that the original bumper used. This means that the new bumper would be able to bolted into place after the original is removed. When planning to install lights on the tubular bumper, wires should be ran prior to installation, so that they are hidden and protected once everything is in place.

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