Vehicle Trunk Carpet

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Vehicle Trunk Carpet
Vehicle Trunk Carpet

The carpet in a vehicle's trunk is separate from the other carpet in the vehicle, however, vans typically have one piece of carpet, which spans the length of the vehicle. Carpet in the trunk is often thicker than the other carpet in the vehicle,due to frequency in which cargo is placed on it, the need for durability,and this carpet typically does not have a factory installed mat on top of it. Trunk carpet also reduces the amount of noise coming in to the vehicle from the rear axle,and the road.

There are several types of trunk carpets available,such as custom fit,which will fit properly around the wheel wells and universal, which is a square piece of carpet that requires trimming to create a proper fit. Trunk carpet is available in many colors in order to match the vehicle's interior,and it is recommended to install moisture resistant carpet, in order to prevent mold.

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