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Trailer Break
Trailer Break

Trailer brakes are an accessory that can be commonly found on large trailers that haul extremely heavy loads. These extra brakes remove pressure on the vehicles brakes and lengthen the life of the brakes. Trailer brakes assist the vehicle to stop in less time. There are many different types of brakes that can be used on a trailer however, electric brakes are the most commonly used.

Electric brakes operate on the vehicle's electricity created by way of energizing a magnet; which attaches itself to the brakes spinning drum. The rotating motion of the drum allows the actuating arm to pivot, spreading the brake's shoes, allowing them to meet the brake drum and apply the brakes. The amount of current that is sent to the electric brakes through the wiring is monitored and regulated by the brake's controller. The brake controller is connected to the vehicle's battery and stop light switch. As the brake is applied, the controller allows more current to flow. When the driver removes pressure from the brake, the controller begins to energize; therefore, blocking the energy from getting to the magnet which activates the brakes.

Trailer brakes incorporate many safety options. The most important of these safety features is a breakaway system which automatically activates the brakes in the event the trailer becomes disconnected from the vehicle. This safety system requires an additional battery be mounted to the trailer.

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