Vehicle Towing Electrical Accessories

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Towing Electrical Accessories
Towing Electrical Accessories

Electrical wiring is an important component in towing applications. Electrical wiring provides brake lights and signals for the trailer. This wiring is often pre-installed by the factory on vehicles that are equipped with a hitch. However, many vehicles will require aftermarket installation. Trailer lights are required in most areas due to the trailer possibly being in the way of the vehicle's lights.

Once the wires have been assembled, the ends are capped off with an adapter. This adapter is usually a 4 or 5 pin setup depending on the personal preference of the owner and the amount of wiring being used. There is also an adapter on the trailer's wiring that matches the pin setup of the adapter on the vehicle that will be towing it. Using these adapters will make connecting and disconnecting the wiring quick and easy. These adapters also function as housing to protect the vulnerable wiring from harsh elements that might otherwise cause the wiring to malfunction.

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