Vehicle Towing Ball Mounts

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Towing Ball Mounts
Towing Ball Mounts

Towing ball mounts are metal components that hold the towing ball on one end, and connect to the vehicle's hitch on the other end. High quality steel is used to make this mount, which allows the mount to perform under severe weight and tension. The mounts are made from forged steel, which provides strength, and durability, however, some of the smaller mounts that tow small loads may have a casted mount. The towing ball mount is connected to the hitch with the use of a large pin, which makes the mount easily removed when not in use.

Towing ball mounts are categorized by the amount of weight they are able to tow, as well as the size of the hole needed for the ball. A standard towing ball hole is 1 ¼ inches, however, there are ball mounts that have smaller or larger holes. To prevent dings in the towing ball mount due the trailer touching it, a durable black powder coat finish is usually used. Also, due to the placement of the hitch being near the rear tires, the hitch may come into contact with mud and dirt. For this reason, a rust preventative coating has been applied to the hitch in order prevent corrosion from contact with mud, dirt and grime. The size of the square receiver comes in two sizes, the first is 2 inches wide and used mostly for trucks that use a hitch, and the second is the smaller size receiver, which measure 1 ¼ inches and is commonly used for smaller vehicles that may tow a small trailer.

Towing ball mounts can be as simple as a straight piece of steel, or complex, with the addition of hooks and level adjusters. The complex mounts are used for towing large loads and ensure that the suspension is kept at the proper height and that the load is completely secured on the ball. The level adjuster mount has a long bar with teeth that assists in grasping the mount.

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