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Tow Bars
Tow Bars

A tow bar is a device that is attached to the front of a vehicle that is going to be towed. The tow bar connects the vehicle to the hitch. This is most commonly done with RV’s where a smaller vehicle is brought along for the driver's convenience. The tow bar allows the towed vehicle to stay flat and while the wheels roll independently. Disconnecting the vehicle from the RV is easy and convenient. Tow bars allow the towed vehicle to have all wheels on the ground. It is vital that the wheels are pointed straight in order to avoid excessive wear on the tow bar and/or the vehicle's tires.

Most tow bars involve two key components. The first of these components are mounts which are placed on the front bumper of the vehicle being towed. The second component, are rails, and a hitch mount that connects the vehicle to the hitch ball for towing. The rails are connected to the mounts with pins. These pins are durable and convenient. The pins allow the tow bar to be easily installed and removed. Tow bars are constructed from steel, which allows them to receive a great deal of pressure.

When using a tow bar, it is important that the towed vehicle is suited to be moved at high speeds without its engine powering it. The transmission receives pressure a great deal of pressure while being towed. Because of this, many sport utility vehicles are equipped with a transfer case that allow the vehicle to be in "neutral" while being towed. The transfer case protects the vehicle's transmission by allowing the driver to control how it is used while towing.

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