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A tonneau cover is an aftermarket flat cover, placed over the truck bed to protect valuable belongings in the bed of the truck. Tonneau covers are sealed to insure possessions in the bed of the truck stay dry year round. They also give security by being able to lock to help prevent belongings from being taken without consent. There are two types of covers, a soft cover and a hard cover. The tonneau cover is a great way to improve fuel mileage. The tonneau gives the owner the ability to hide everything in the back of the truck giving the truck a clean stylish appearance.

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Hard Tonneau Covers

Hard tonneau covers are an aftermarket cover placed on the bed of the truck. The covers are generally constructed out of fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl. Hard Covers also come in different designs. The different styles include a retracting roll-up, folding style and lift hatch. The retracting roll up is on a rail and slides back into a roll towards the front of the bed near the cab. The roll-up is generally made out of aluminum with options of different surface types including vinyl and plastic. The folding cover folds back into three pieces. This is known as a tri-fold cover. The cover is usually constructed from aluminum with different surface styles to accommodate the desired look. The lift hatches are available in an aluminum style but usually seen in a fiberglass look. The lift hatches opens up from the tail gate of the truck and can be support by small hydraulics on each side of the cover. Continue Reading

Hard Tonneau Cover
Hard Tonneau Cover

Soft Tonneau Covers

Soft tonneau covers are an aftermarket soft top cover placed on the bed of the truck. The soft cover allows for an easy on, easy off function. Generally soft tonneau covers are crafted from a vinyl material and attached to the bed of the truck with aluminum rails and clamps. The soft covers are available in many different styles. The soft covers are commonly available in a snap down and velcro style. The snap down style, buttons down to the aluminum railings running the length of the truck bed. The button down allows for easy access to any part of the truck bed. The Velcro style uses velco to hold the vinyl to the rails around the truck bed. The velcro allows for easy on/off application and is little more flush than the snap down. The velcro and snap down come in different designs. They are available in a roll, lift and fold. The roll up will be able to be rolled up all the way to the cab of the truck and be secured down at the cab portion of the bed of the truck. The folding covers are typically going to back fold back over one another breaking the bed into thirds. This is referred to as a tri-fold. The lift opens up just like a hatchback giving access to the bed of the truck without taking the vinyl off. Selected soft covers can also come with an easy access truck toolbox attached at the cab section of the truck bed. Continue Reading

Soft Tonneau Cover
Soft Tonneau Cover

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