Vehicle Third Brake Lights

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Third Brake Lights
Third Brake Lights

Third brake lights are used in the back of a vehicle as an additional light,in order to be more visible. This light is most commonly found at the top of the trunk or in the rear window on smaller vehicles. The third brake light works in conjunction with the taillights to display a brightly illuminated light whenever the brake is pressed. To be able to do this, the third brake light is connected to the vehicles wiring so that it is getting all the same signals as the taillights. Since third brake light brings added safety to the vehicle, they are being used on just about every modern vehicle produced.

The bulbs which are most commonly used in third brake lights are the mini and specialty bulbs. These bulbs are smaller than a regular bulb and they are designed to last for long periods of time without needing to be changed. Mini bulbs and specialty bulbs are also designed to constantly be turned on and off which is a very important feature since the brake in constantly being pressed and released when driving. The third brake light is protected by an outer colored cover which is normally long and thin. The color and shape of the cover are meant to distribute the bulbs light evenly so that it will grab other driver’s attention. The cover is normally held in place with screws which can be easily removed if the bulb needs to be replaced or fixed.

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