Vehicle Taillight Guards

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Chrome Tail Light Guard

A tail light guard is an aftermarket protection shield, and prevents any damage to the tail lights, of the vehicle. The guard provides a rugged design to the vehicle. The guard is a custom fit protection shield for the vehicle requiring a specific fit for the year, make and model of the vehicle being installed on. Guards are generally installed onto SUV’s and trucks. They are also popular with the off-roading enthusiast to protect their tail lights from debris breaking them while driving. The guards contour to the vehicle’s tail lights to give the vehicle sleek appearance. The guard is a bolt on application and will usually not require any drilling. Guards are normally constructed out of steel and is the shape of the bars are a durable round tubing welded together. The guards generally are available in a black and chrome finish but can also be painted to match the color of the vehicle. The guards allows for the break light to still be fully functional without disrupting any of the light coming from the tail lights.

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Dee Zee

Westin Automotive Products Inc

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