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Tailgate Mat
Tailgate Mat

A tailgate mat is a piece of material that is attached to the inside of the tailgate to protect it from scratches or dents that it may receive if something slid into in. It also helps protect the inside of the tailgate when loading and unloading items with the tailgate down. Tailgate mats are usually rubber, plastic, or carpet which will help protect both the trucks surface, and the surface of the object being loaded. Most tailgate mats are made from a high strength rubber or plastic that is resistant to cracking or breaking even in the most extreme of conditions. Tailgate mats are secured using screws or adhesive. Securing the tailgate mat will keep it in place and prevent is from sliding when things are moved over it. Tailgate mats come in many different sizes and patterns to fit any vehicle and its needs. Some tailgate mats can be trimmed to size to provide a custom fit.

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