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Tailgate Cap
Tailgate Cap

Tailgate caps are used on top of a trucks tailgate to prevent scratching, chipping, dings, and nicks on the paint of the truck. This top portion of the truck is the most susceptible to damage because objects are often lifted into the bed of the truck via the tailgate. Having a cap on the tailgate is especially useful because it allows things to be pushed and leveraged against the tailgate without any fear of damage.

Most tailgate caps are made out of a hard plastic or corrosion resistant metal that is resistant to bending or cracking. It is placed onto the tailgate and secured into place using adhesive or screws. Tailgate caps are available in many different lengths and sizes to fit just about any tailgate thickness. Having a tailgate cap will also add a sportier and rugged look to the truck. Some tailgate caps are even paintable so that you can match the paint to the color of the truck.

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