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The tailgate and all of its components are very important features on a truck. A tailgate mat, cover, and cap will help secure and protect objects without damaging the back of the truck. The rear of most trucks is also metal which makes them prone to rust when scratched by objects when they are held back there. Having a tailgate and other accessories will help expand the capabilities of the normal truck bed in an efficient way. Accessorizing the tailgate and its components will also provide a more attractive look to the truck while helping it keep its value over time.

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Tailgate Cap

Tailgate caps are used on top of a trucks tailgate to prevent scratching, chipping, dings, and nicks on the paint of the truck. This top portion of the truck is the most susceptible to damage because objects are often lifted into the bed of the truck via the tailgate. Having a cap on the tailgate is especially useful because it allows things to be pushed and leveraged against the tailgate without any fear of damage. Read More -->

Vehicle Tailgate Cap
Tailgate Cap

Tailgate Cover Cap

A tailgate cover is a unit that goes on the tailgate to protect both the inside finish and the rail. Most tailgate covers are made of metal along with a high strength plastic but they also come in rubber and carpet depending on the use of the vehicle having them installed on. Tailgate covers are attached to the tailgate using screws or adhesive which will prevent it from coming off or sliding when objects are pushed over it. Read More -->

Vehicle Tailgate Cover
Tailgate Cover

Tailgate Mat

A tailgate mat is a piece of material that is attached to the inside of the tailgate to protect it from scratches or dents that it may receive if something slid into in. It also helps protect the inside of the tailgate when loading and unloading items with the tailgate down. Tailgate mats are usually rubber, plastic, or carpet which will help protect both the trucks surface, and the surface of the object being loaded. Read More -->

Vehicle Tailgate Mat
Tailgate Mat


A tailgate is a component used on the back of a truck to seal of the back of to bed to prevent items stored in the bed from falling out. Tailgates come in many different designs and materials depending on the use of the truck. Most tailgates are made out of metal or a hard plastic that can stand up to harsh and rugged conditions. These different style tailgates can be a solid rectangle; or a rectangle with a slope going down towards the middle to accommodate a fifth wheel trailer. Read More -->

Vehicle Tailgate

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