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Sunroof Wind Deflector

Sun Roof deflector is a weather deflector installed on the roof of vehicle with a sunroof. The aftermarket sun roof deflector is installed on the front of the vehicle near the sunroof. The deflector greatly reduces sunroof wind noises and air turbulence from entering the vehicle. This allows for the sunroof to be open during inclement weather. The deflector will help prevent rain from entering through the sunroof while driving down the road. The deflector also will help with the heat buildup in the vehicle allowing the sun roof to be cracked partially open to allow heat to escape from the vehicle. Most deflectors are constructed from a plastic material and are installed with a strong automotive grade tape and do not require drilling holes. Most sun roof deflectors are custom fit for the year, make and model of the vehicle but they also come in universal sizes as well. The deflectors come in a darker tint, chrome and can be painted to match the color of the vehicle. The sun roof deflector is a great way to add some aftermarket styling to the vehicle while adding functionality with your sunroof.

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