Vehicle Strut Bars & Suspension Braces

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Strut Bars & Suspension Braces
Strut Bars & Suspension Braces

A strut bar, or brace, is a component which spans the distance between the two strut towers, and assists in stiffening the vehicle's suspension. The strut bar is easily seen when the vehicle's hood is open. The strut bar begins at the engine and spans the entire length of the vehicle. Strut bars are used in order to reduce the amount of flexing, which takes place in the strut towers. When the bar is installed between the two towers, the amount of room for the tower to flex inward, is what makes the suspension feel stiffer. Having tight suspension reduces chassis "flex" and body roll while cornering.

Strut bars are performance components, and are typically found on high performance vehicles, which benefit from the added handling. A car which is not high performance typically would not benefit from adding a strut, the suspension would be too coarse and may create an uncomfortable ride for the vehicle's passenger's, and may strain the vehicle's components. Strut bars are not typically factory installed. Easy installation, with not having to remove any parts from the vehicle, make strut bars a very popular aftermarket accessory. Strut bars are made with steel, which can withstand the immense strain from the two shock towers. Some strut bars are made from aluminum, however, the shape of the bar is reinforced, to prevent bending.

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