Vehicle Steering Wheel Covers

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Steering Wheel Covers
Steering Wheel Covers

Covers are commonly used on a vehicle's steering wheel,and provide an improved appearance for the vehicle,safety, and comfort for the driver. Steering wheel covers are typically made from leather, sheepskin, vinyl, or other carpeted materials. Steering wheel covers provide added safety, for drivers with early model vehicles,which may have a hard plastic or wood steering wheel,which at times, may become slippery. Some steering wheel covers have molded finger grips in them,in order to provide added grip for the driver. Steering wheel cover's also protect the steering wheel from sun or heat damage, and debris from the driver's hands.

Steering wheel covers are available in many colors, designs and price points. The installation is easy and convenient, however, it is imperative that the cover fit very tightly onto the wheel. Steering wheel covers are available in a universal, or custom fit. The material selected determines how well the cover will fit the wheel.

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