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Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel

The invention of the steering wheel allowed control of the direction, of a vehicle, and allowed most people to be able to operate early vehicle's, without having to use brute force to turn the vehicle's wheels. The steering wheel also revolutionized the interior of vehicles.

Inside the vehicle's cabin,the steering wheel is the only component of the steering assembly that can be seen. The other steering components are located under the vehicle. As a driver turns the steering wheel, a set of levers and gears are moved, which pushes both of the front wheels forward. The mechanisms used most commonly in late model vehicles, is the rack and pinion, and recirculating ball. Using these methods reduces friction, and allows the driver to turn the wheel easily. The invention of power steering also allowed drivers to turn the steering wheel easily without using their strength, or force.Power steering uses a cylinder with a piston inside, which is pushed to one side, or the other by pressurized fluid. This extra "push" moves the gears, which in turn, makes steering easy.

Throughout history, many types of steering wheels have been used. The most common steering wheel is round in shape, however other shapes, and levers were used in the past. The steering wheel is mounted to the steering column with bolts, which provide a secure fit. Steering wheels are typically made from high quality metal which will not bend or deform in the event of an accident. Early steering wheels were typically made from wood,and were often covered, due to the hardness of the wheel, which provided added comfort, and grip, for the driver.

The steering wheel is typically positioned about chest height for most drivers. In order to obtain a comfortable fit for most driver's,most vehicle's have an adjustable steering wheel. As steering wheels evolve, conveniences,as well as added safety, like the ability to operate the vehicle's stereo system, and cell phone, are mounted on the steering wheel, allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road at all times.

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