Vehicle Steering Stabilizer & Dampers

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Steering Stabilizer & Dampers
Steering Stabilizer & Dampers

A steering stabilizer, or damper, is a device that is attached to the steering linkage in order to absorb road "shock" and steering "kickback". This device resembles a shock absorber and has many of the same functions, however, instead of reducing shock to the suspension, it reduces shock to the steering column and its components. Steering stabilizers use hydraulics, and operate by compressing the internal hydraulic fluid, therefore absorbing shock. Steering stabilizers operate horizontally, versus other shock absorbers which operate vertically. Steering stabilizers eradicate vibration and shock before reaching the steering components, which prolongs the life of the steering components.

Steering stabilizers are an essential component on vehicles's that have had large tires and/or lift kits applied to them. The added weight and irregular design of a vehicle that is lifted, and may have large tires, creates the need for steering dampers, which alleviate strain on the steering components. Some heavily modified vehicles may benefit by using two steering stabilizers. This is typically done when both a lift kit, and 30” or larger tires are applied to the vehicle. When this size vehicle travels over a large rock or pothole, with one tire receiving most of the pressure, the steering stabilizer assists in the vehicle's ability to absorb the pressure. Without the stabilizer, the pressure received on just one tire would cause the vehicle to turn, or jerk uncontrollably which may be dangerous, cause the vehicle to crash, or rollover.

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