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Steering Box
Steering Box

The steering box is the component on a vehicle, where the steering column and the steering wheel connect. The steering box operates by converting the rotation of the steering wheel to a usable motion, and is operated by the pitman arm, which extends from the steering box and attaches to components which turn the wheels. The steering box is filled with fluid, which the power steering pump uses. The steering box has seals, which prevent the fluid from leaking out. Over time, the seals may begin to leak and require replacement or repair to the steering box.

Repairs or adjustments to the steering gear box varies in degree of difficulty based on the configuration of the vehicle's suspension and its steering components. The steering box is connected to the vehicle's chassis, below the steering column. Adjustment or replacement of the steering box requires components to be unscrewed and/or unbolted. The alignment of the steering box is critical, and it is imperative that the components are attached and fitted properly at the time of installation. The steering box can be complex, and difficult to work on, and it is recommended that a professional mechanic do any repairs or adjustments.

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