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A spindle is a component of a vehicle's suspension, which carries the hub for the wheel, and attaches to the upper and lower control arms. The spindle's design is very important, as well as its structural integrity, ability to perform, and its ability to withstand great pressure. There are various spindles on a vehicle, which assist in the continuous force put on the wheels. For example, the drive wheel spindles, withstand pressure from the horizontal, and vertical forces, while the non-drive wheels endure less pressure, while withstanding horizontal forces. The spindles on the drive wheels are typically much thicker, and better designed than those, on the other wheels.

The spindle is a common component replaced when lifting, or lowering a vehicle. By using a spindle, when lifting a vehicle, the position of the rotor is moved down, which in turn, moves the wheels lower to the ground, and lifts the vehicle's body higher into the air. When lowering a vehicle, a new spindle is used, which has a raised shaft, and brings the wheel higher into the wheel-well, which achieves a lowered body. A spindle allows the vehicle to be lifted, or lowered, typically a few inches, without affecting the vehicle's suspension or its components.

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