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Sliding Window
Tri-Power Sliding Window

Slider windows are an aftermarket rear window that has the ability to open. Slider windows are typically found on trucks. There are a few types of rear sliding windows for a truck. The different types of sliding windows are duo, tri. The duo sliding rear windows have two windows sliding windows. The duo sliding window slides away from each another to open and slide together to shut. The tri rear sliding window only has one sliding glass window. It’s called tri because there are three pieces of rear glass. The window on the tri slider will either slide to the left or the right side of the vehicle but not both ways. Another option for the rear slider is the power rear sliding window. There are options for a flush fit for the duo and tri sliding windows. The duo and tri can also be a manual or power sliding window. The power sliding window is run by an electric motor and is controlled by a switch allowing for the window to open and shut. The glass for the slider also comes in different varieties. They can come with tint, solarized or no tint.

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