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Side Window Cover
Side Window Cover

Side window Covers are an aftermarket exterior accessory placed on the rear window of a vehicle. The design of the side window cover contours to the window. The covers are placed on most vehicles to give them a unique style. The side window covers are attached to the vehicle by an exterior tape or by other means such as clips. The window covers are custom fitted for each year, make and model of the vehicle being installed onto. Most of the side window covers are constructed out of an ABS plastic but they also can be constructed out of other durable materials. Having side window covers will also help protect the interior of the vehicle from damaging UV rays. The covers will also help reflect heat keeping the interior temperatures of the vehicle down.

The side covers can come in a different variety’s of customization. Some of the window covers can resemble louvers without having to remove the side window and installing, which could require drilling and installation of other parts. Most louvers on the modern day vehicles are side window covers with no function, just the aftermarket style. Side window covers can also have designs such as flames or manufacture symbols. Most side windows come in black color to be painted to match the vehicle. Some of the other colors would include light smoked, dark smoked camo and chrome

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