Vehicle Shock Bushings

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Shock Bushings
Shock Bushings

Shock bushings are used in between the shock, and the vehicle's frame, and are secured in place, to the frame. Shock bushings provide cushion between the metal of the shock, and the vehicle's frame, and absorb friction. This added cushion between the two metal surfaces provides a smoother ride due to reduced vibration in the cabin of the vehicle.

There are many sizes and shapes of shock bushings, which fit the many different styles of shocks. Shock bushings are typically made from rubber or polyurethane. Rubber used to be the material commonly used, however, is has been found that polyurethane lasts much longer. Shock bushings are typically black or red.

Shock bushings are typically included when shocks are purchased, however, some bushings may wear out before the shocks, and can be purchased separately. Bushings typically come in sets of two or four, which is how many shocks are on the axle. Mechanics can diagnose whether the shock bushing is worn out by looking at the ends of the shock to see if they are perfectly centered in the bushing. If the shock is pushing the bushing more to one side than the other, the bushing needs to be replaced.

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