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Shackles- Lift
Shackles- Lift

Shackles are used on a vehicle's suspension, in order to secure the end of a leaf spring to the vehicles frame. Shackles are typically attached to the back side of the leaf spring, while the front side of the spring is connected to the vehicle's frame. Vehicles which are designed for "off-roading" commonly use a shackle on the front of the leaf spring, due to the rough terrain experienced by an off-road vehicle. Shackles are used in order to assist the spring in remaining intact when compressed, and not elongated. Steel is commonly used to make shackles, however, other metals may be used, depending on the vehicles size, and desired application. At the bottom of the shackle there is a bushing, which is typically made from polyurethane, which has the ability to withstand pressure without much friction, or noise. In order to prevent wear, and damage, it is recommended that the shackle's bushings be lubricated during routine maintenance.

Added lift, to a vehicle, is easily achieved by adding shackles. Installing a large shackle, can lift a vehicle, up to 3 inches or more. For example, a shackle which is 3" long, will increase lift by roughly 1.5". Unfortunately, longer shackles may decrease lateral stability, and increase the weight put on the spring bushings, and chassis eye, which may cause excessive wear. Shackles are best used for a slight body lift, leveling the vehicle's body, or minor adjustments to the vehicle's suspension.

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