Vehicle Seat Covers - Custom

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Seat Covers - Custom
Seat Covers - Custom

Custom seat covers are used in vehicle's, in order to protect the original seat fabric from any wear and tear. Custom seat covers fit perfectly on the seat, and provide a similar look, and feel as the original interior. Each custom seat cover is designed for a specific vehicle,therefore,providing a perfect fit.Seat belts, handles, and in some vehicles airbags,are considered in the manufacturing of these covers. Some custom covers also include smaller covers, for the headrest,and armrest. Custom seat covers are a cost effective remedy, when a vehicle's upholstery is torn, or stained.

Velour, leatherette, genuine leather, neoprene, sheepskin, saddleblanket, ballistic, spacer mesh, and poly cotton drill, are some of the materials used for making these seat covers. These materials are high quality, and can be made to match the vehicle's interior. Custom seat covers prevent spills from seeping through to the factory installed interior,and will not fade when exposed to sun.

Installation of the seat covers is easy,and convenient. Most custom seat covers are attached to the seat with the use of attachment points, clips and small ropes,and are typically secured under the seat.

Who Makes This


Covercraft Industries Inc

Dash Designs Inc

Hatchie Bottom Outdoor Products

Fia Inc

Rampage Products LLC

Northwest Seat Covers

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