Vehicle Running Lights

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Running Lights
Running Lights

Running lights are installed in pairs, on a vehicle, and are activated when the vehicle moves forward. These lights emit a white, yellow, or amber light to increase the conspicuity of the vehicle during daylight conditions. The main purpose of these lights isn’t to help the driver see the road but to instead help other drivers in the opposite direction see the opposing vehicles better. There have been many studies over the years which have shown that vehicles with running lights have a 6% less chance of being involved in a two car accident. Because of the added safety features, running lights are now a popular addition to some vehicles and some countries have even made them a requirement on every vehicle on the road.

The placement of running lights can vary from car to car but most are found near the headlights or by the fog lights. The placement of running lights has to be matched up with the stance of the vehicle because having running lights that are too bright can actually temporarily blind passing motorists. To fix this problem, LED lights have started seeing widespread popularity in modern vehicles as running lights because they don’t create as much glare and the brightness can be regulated. These newer lights also don’t consume as much power as a regular bulb which is a huge plus since the running lights are always on and high amounts of power can strain the alternator.

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