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Roll Bars
Roll Bars

Roll bars are a component on a vehicle, which are designed to protect the occupants inside of the vehicle, in the event the vehicle rolls over. The roll bar is typically located in the back of the vehicle's cabin,and prohibits the vehicle's roof from collapsing during a roll over. This bar is most commonly found in convertibles, such as Jeeps, which are commonly used for off-roading, and where a rollover of the vehicle may happen. Roll bars may also be found in high performance vehicles, and in the bed of trucks, which are more likely to roll over, due to how a truck is shaped. Using a roll bar in the bed of a truck is popular, because it provides a mounting base, for exterior lights, and accessories.

Roll bars are a simple design, and can be bolted, or welded into place. Their ease of installation makes them a popular aftermarket accessory. Kits are readily available, and include the roll bar, and the mounting hardware needed. Many racing leagues require a roll bar be installed in a vehicle before it can be raced. A roll bar also protects the vehicle's body from serious damage, such as a collapsed roof, which is costly to repair, or replace.

The material used to make roll bars is typically mild steel, or chromoly steel tubing. The difference between the two metals, is that chromoly steel is more durable than mild steel, which is why it is the preferred material for more complex cages, like those installed in race cars. For non complex applications, a roll bar made from mild steel is suitable. The welding on roll bars is continuous, which allows the roll bar to remain in tact when a roll over occurs. The bent shape of a roll bar, allows the weight of the vehicle to be evenly distributed throughout the bar, and into the frame, in the event of a roll over, or collision.

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