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Rocker Panels

The rocker panels are the body panel located alongside the vehicle. Most of the panel is hidden under the door when the door is closed with only the edge of the panel visible. It is the most outer edge of the cars underbody and provides structural support to the vehicle. The panel can be easily accessed by simply opening the door. The rocker panels also helps support the door when closed. The rocker panels play an important role with safety as it resists the crumpling of the structures in collisions and lends support to the underbody of the vehicle.

The rocker panels are generally used for as a step to get into a vehicle to allow easier entrance into taller vehicles. Due to the location of the panel, the panel is not covered by the interior that lines most of the interior of the vehicle. The rocker panel generally has a shiny, polished surface and matches the exterior color of the vehicle. The rocker panel is where manufacturers like to place its logo or spell out the car’s model name.

There are also aftermarket panels available to customize the rocker panel to further illuminate the visual impact of the panel. These aftermarket panels are generally made out of stainless steel and ABS plastic. The aftermarket panels reach part way up the door and run the whole length of the vehicle. These aftermarket panels attach with adhesive or other means. The aftermarket rocker panels will also help protect your vehicle from rocks and road debris while adding a customized style to your vehicle. The customized aftermarket panel kits are made to fit both sides of the vehicle and are available in a variety of colors including chrome, camo, and black.

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