Vehicle Rear Window Air Deflectors

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Rear Window Air Deflectors
Rear Window Air Deflectors

Rear window air deflectors are an aftermarket accessory installed on the rear window to deflect air over the rear window. The rear window air deflectors are aerodynamically shaped to improve your vehicles airflow to help prevent dust, pollen and other airborne grime away from the glass and not directly onto. They also help redirect water and road grime from hitting the rear window greatly increasing visibility. The rear window air deflectors will help shade the rear window to help prevent high interior temperatures in the vehicle. They help prevent damaging solar rays, to reduce sun damage to the interior of the vehicle this will also help reduce the glare out of the rear window improving visibility. The rear window air deflectors are installed onto the vehicle by way of adhesive, screws or clamps.

These rear window air deflectors come in sizes for the specific make and model of the vehicle being installed on. They also come in different varieties of designs and can also be painted to match the color of the vehicle.

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Rampage Products LLC

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