Vehicle Rear Deck Cover

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Rear Deck Cover
Rear Deck Cover

Rear deck covers are a mat like cover, and is placed on the rear deck, underneath the rear window. Using a rear deck cover prevents the rear dash from cracking, warping, and discoloring. These mats are custom made for every vehicle in order to accommodate seat belt mounts, vents, and speakers which are commonly built into the rear dash. Rear deck covers reduce glare from the back window, and the seat belt connectors, which may be located near the deck. When heat rises near the rear deck,gasses are emitted which create a haze on the rear window,making visibility difficult. A rear deck cover prevents this from happening.

A non-shrinking needle punch carpet which is extremely durable, is typically used in the manufacturing of the rear deck carpet. Rear deck carpet is available in many colors,in order to match the vehicle's interior. The rear deck cover is secured with the use of a non slip bottom, zigzag seams, and often times a system of hook/loop, and fasteners. When the rear deck cover needs cleaning, it is easily vacuumed, or removed.

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