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Push Bar
Push Bar

Push bars are used on the front of a vehicle,in order to protect the front end from any damage in the event of a minor collision. These push bars are much simpler that a larger grille or brush guard because it is only meant to protect the front end from other cars or large objects. Push bars will usually only come up to about the height of the bumper because that is where the impact will likely occur. To be able to stand up to the tremendous forces generated during a collision, the push bar is made out of very thick metal which is highly resistant to bending or breaking. The ends of this thick bar are usually run under the vehicles bumper so that it can be connected to the frame. The frame is used to mount the push bar because it is extremely strong and rigid. Metal that is used in the construction of a push bar will usually be chrome plated or powder coated to ward off any corrosion which may occur.

Push bars are commonly seen on emergency vehicles such as police cars and fire trucks because they are more at risk of getting into a situation where a collision on the front end of the vehicle is likely. Push bars are also commonly used in everyday vehicles because it prevents scrapes or chips on the vehicles paint which can occur in a minor fender bender. Using a push bar is also common because it enhances the vehicle look by providing a meaner and tougher appearance. Some push bars are also designed to hold accessories such as lights or winches because there are limited mounting places on most stock front ends. Mounting heavy duty accessories on a push bar is actually recommended because of the solid connection that the push bar has with the frame. Unlike most grille and brush guards, a push bar is commonly used on both large vehicles and small every day drivers.

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