Vehicle Pedal Sets & Assemblies

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Pedal Sets & Assemblies
Pedal Sets & Assemblies

Pedal sets & assemblies include the vehicle's accelerator, brake, mechanisms which connect the pedals, and a clutch if the vehicle has a manual transmission. The factory installed pedal assembly on stock vehicles is ordinary, and not easily customized. The pedal assembly is clearly visible within the engine compartment, therefore chrome assemblies allow the engine compartment to look more appealing.

Pedals sets and assemblies have varying tolerances depending on their setting and materials, in which they are made out of. Stock pedals typically have a basic design,and an average setting,which fits the average person while providing maximum reliability. Changing the setting to make the pedal softer or harder, can increase the response time between the pedal and engine throttle. This is desirable in race cars, but undesirable in stock vehicles because they would be hard to control. Pedals and their components are typically made from aluminum or steel. The top of the pedal is covered in rubber,in order to prevent the shoe from slipping on a bare metal pedal.

The pedal's shape is a key factor for the reaction time of the vehicle. Small and skinny pedals are used in high performance vehicles because it makes switching between the pedals faster and easier, while reducing the chance of pressing the incorrect pedal.

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