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Other types of Grilles
Other types of Grilles

There are many types of grilles available, and are commonly used for custom applications. To do this, grille inserts are commonly used inside the grilles shell. Most of these inserts are specially designed to fit inside the vehicles original grille shell so that numerous components don’t need to be removed or replaced. Grille inserts are normally stamped into certain shapes which is why they are used so much be people who are looking to customize their vehicle.

Inserts in the grill guard that are meant to block any wind so that the engine can warm are also popular. This type of insert is normally not permanent because using one of these in warm weather can actually cause the engine to run hot. Some weather guard inserts are actually made out of cloth and they can tie to the front of the grille guard instead of having to be inserted inside the guard itself. An insert such as this is mainly used in extremely cold environments and with diesel engines which have more trouble starting in the cold than a regular gasoline engine.

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