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Other Hitches
Other Hitches

There are many types of hitches that are used throughout the vehicle. One style of hitch is the front hitch. This hitch mounts under the front bumper of the vehicle. This hitch is used with a recovery winch or a tow loop, which is used for removing a boat from the trailer and depositing the boat into the water. This hitch is very similar to the class I, II, III, IV, and V hitches because it can be inserted into a square inlet receiver. It is important that the receiver and the hitch are the same size in the back so that the towing ball mount is universal to both. This alleviates the need for a spare one on the front. The front hitch is easily installed with bolts and uses factory pre-drilled holes.

Another popular hitch is the gooseneck hitch, which is a similar design to the fifth wheel. The difference between the gooseneck hitch and the fifth wheel, is that the gooseneck hitch uses the hitch ball just like a standard hitch. The gooseneck hitch is secured in the back of the truck bed, and can carry loads of up to 30,000 pounds. The gooseneck hitch is bolted to the chassis beneath the bed for added security. The gooseneck hitch makes turning easier, due to the front of the trailer riding over the bed rails in the back of the truck.

Another type of hitch that is available allows multiple trailers to be towed by a single vehicle. For example, a hitch can be applied to the back of a boat trailer in order to tow a small trailer.

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